“Invest in Community!” Budget Asks

Asks to Metro Council for the FY2025 Metro Budget

Below are the various asks that community groups are sharing with Council and some general talking points. Feel free to read, share this with others, and please contact your council member using the instructions below. You can reach out to the organizations listed directly if you have more questions about their asks. 

As you make your individual asks/documents/advocacy for specific points, please feel free to use/amplify the following points which can tie together messaging: 

  • Louisville is safest and healthiest when everyone has their needs met.
  • Our budget needs to put people first by preventing harm and funding care.
  • We need to invest in making Louisville a place where everyone can actually thrive.
  • We are working together to meet Louisville’s needs, and we need more support from the budget to prioritize people’s well-being.



1) The Food in Neighborhoods Community Coalition (FIN) is asking Metro Council to amend the Mayor’s budget and allocate:

  • $113,000 for the Soil and Water Conservation District
  • $335,000 for Cooperative Extension, plus an additional $65,000
  • Program support for Change Today Change Together’s food justice work ($200,000)
  • Capital support for land acquisition for the Food Literacy Project’s Forever Home ($300,000)
  • $280,000 to Feed Louisville for operating expenses needed to provide food resources to our 12 community partners

Surely, the funds can be found if the city has $1 million for a Japanese Garden, $200,000 to repair the King Louis XVI statue, and a police budget of $242 million, including $5 million to buy new license plate readers, surveillance cameras, and helicopters.
[Link to FIN’s Budget Fight Toolkit]


2) A coalition of housing advocates is asking for:

  • An increase in funding to the Affordable Housing Trust fund from $15 million dollars in the proposed budget to $25 million dollars to increase the number of available affordable units for Louisville’s poorest families
  • Allocating $10 million to stabilize families and prevent homelessness through emergency rental assistance dollars and eviction prevention services (i.e. right to counsel funding, mediation and diversion programs, rental deposit assistance, and more).
  • To take action and learn more, click here. This effort is being led and coordinated by Coalition for the Homeless.


3) The Association of Community Ministries’ 13 members provide emergency assistance to neighbors in crisis throughout the entirety of Louisville.  Our non-competitive External Agency (EA) grant funding from Louisville Metro provides the foundation on which we have built an expanded capacity to meet Louisville’s needs.

Unfortunately, since the height of covid the cost of living has been steadily increasing while wages remain stagnant. As a result the number of neighbors in need reaching out for help is on the rise.

Meanwhile our EA funding has remained flat for over 10 years resulting in an almost 30% loss of “buying power”.  In order to better address the community needs for temporary crisis and housing stabilization support, The Association of Community Ministries is asking for an increase in External Agency funding to $2 million dollars.


4) VOCAL-KY  [PDF of detailed VOCAL-KY Lou Metro Gov Budget Demands]

We call on Louisville Metro Government and Mayor Greenberg to Increase the Proposed Executive Budget to add the following to Louisville Metro Public Health and Wellness (LMPHW):

  • $500K for the purchase of Naloxone
  • $1M Mobile Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD)
  • $1M to Fund Key Service Providers Providing Lifesaving Services

We call on Mayor Greenberg and the Louisville Metro Government to follow through on the $600K commitment to creating a West Louisville Harm Reduction Hub.
We call on Mayor Greenberg and the Louisville Metro Government to permit community-based organizations to distribute safer smoking/snorting kits as a public health tool and do not prosecute the possession or distribution of these supplies. No financial impact.
We call on Mayor Greenberg and the Louisville Metro Government to better coordinate – and increase funding – to support non-police emergency response programs, and alternatives to incarceration. Most urgently, all city funds and contracts should be moved under the purview of the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness (LMPHW).



If you don’t know who your Metro Council member is, you can enter your address on the District Map and find out.

Three ways to contact your Council member:
    1. Email,   2. Call,  or   3. Write on their webpage contact form
     * Email addresses, phone numbers as well as links to webpage forms are provided below.

You can also comment directly on the Mayor’s Budget on the Metro website: 

  1. Go to this link and fill out your information (The online form will close on Friday, June 7, at 5:00 p.m.)
  1. Select your Council District. (Find your district on the Metro district map)
  2. Write a comment in the “general comments” box with your requests
  3. Select the relevant category from the drop down
  4. Write the same comment in the “department comments” box below the drop down

Write or Call your Council Member TODAY!

Tammy Hawkins 1 tammy.hawkins@louisvilleky.gov (502) 574-1101 Webform Link
Charles Weathers 1- Aid charles.weathers@louisvilleky.gov
Barbara Shanklin 2 barbara.shanklin@louisvilleky.gov (502) 574-1102 Webform Link
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